Miss Melissa

My best friend and I used to joke about what it would be like having our own radio show as freshmen in college. Even though that was over a decade ago, the dream of working in radio never left me. A few years ago, I walked into my local radio station and the rest is history. Sometimes dreams really can come true!

I have always been a night owl, and the great thing about radio is the later you listen, the less commercials and more music you hear!

Join me for 60 minute music marathons, Tuesday thru Saturday mornings, midnight-6am, and tune in for your Sunday afternoon shenanigans 1-8 pm and 30 minute music marathons on 94.7 WELK.

As a freshman in college, Melissa and her best friend always joked about how cool it would be to have a radio show on campus. While that never happened, the dream to work in radio never left Melissa. In late 2018, she walked into her local radio station and someone decided they liked her enough to keep her around. Timing is everything and sometimes dreams really do come true!

Born in the Philippines, the 90s baby came to America to reside just outside of Parsons, WV, where she graduated Tucker County High School in 2010. She went on to attend Fairmont State University, changing her major more than people change their underwear, including studies in Criminal Justice, Graphics, and Cross-Media. During her time in college, she was a member of Delta Xi Omicron Sorority, played for the Fairmont State Women’s Rugby Team, and wrote for the school paper. The college drop-out enjoys all things art, photography, drawing, painting, and of course music! She is an active concert guru, seeing various artists you probably haven’t heard of, and some you probably have, such as Alice Cooper, Shinedown, and Aaron Lewis. She’s a workaholic, working a full time job on top of working in radio. What can we say…she likes nice things and works hard to get them! The 28 year old likes to use her free time working on art projects, spending time with family & friends, reading, and doing anything involving food, especially cheeseburgers (she aspires to make every recipe from the Bob’s Burgers Cookbook someday).

Tune in to Miss Melissa Midnight-6 am, Tuesday through Sunday, overnights. She’ll keep you entertained all night, with 30 Minute Music Marathons each hour, full of Elkins Greatest Hits on 94.7 WELK.

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Tue-Sun / 12midnight – 6:00am