Roger Taylor

I was born & raised in Elkins & graduated from Elkins High School with the Class of 1977. While attending Fairmont State College in 1978, I began working weekends at WDNE-AM, the only radio station in Elkins at the time. This was back when we actually played records. There were no CDs, iPods or computers. I wrote commercials on a manual typewriter. (Good thing I took “Typing 1” in High School, twice) We ripped the news off of a UPI teletype machine & read it live. I soon decided I could pay to go to college & study radio or I could get paid to be on the radio, I chose the latter.

My hobbies include auctions, live & on-line, which feeds my collecting habit. I collect comic books, lunch boxes, toys, antique phonographs & radios, anything old & interesting. I enjoy movies; I play a good round of bad golf on occasion & enjoy getting together for a good meal with friends.

My life changed on March 20, 2004, I went to work on a Saturday morning & didn’t go home for 7 weeks, I suffered an Aortic Dissection & was life-flighted to Morgantown. By the grace of God & a talented team of surgeons, I survived open heart surgery at Ruby Memorial Hospital. I now have a man-made Aortic Heart Valve clicking away in my chest. I’ve been in radio for 42 years & I still love it.

 I host the 7 to Midnight show, where we feature 30 Minute Music Marathons, on 94.7 WELK

Mon-Fri | 7p-12mid

Sunday | 12noon – 7pm